Saturday, February 16, 2008

Friday Night at 7500'

There is something a about reading someone else's blog. It is like sneaking a peak at a diary, or taking a glimpse into someone's mind ...It can also just be a great way to stay in touch with family and friends. When you land far from home it sometimes feels like catching up with those important people is really all about the MAIN points in life, and not so much about the daily grind, the details that create a day. My new (dear) friends know more about my current life than my oldest (dear) friends do. My mom knows that we need our car fixed, but does she know we went to hear a fantastic singer-songwriter tonight in the new pizza place located in the old bowling alley? Kerri knows about my Quest, but does she know that I was thinking of her yesterday while thumbing through my new Athletica catalog?

Back to the singer-songwriter....this is what I love about living in the valley: Here we are in the middle of February in the 10th coldest place in the lower 48 and there is just too much to do on a Friday night. We ended up spliting our time between 1) the brewery 2) a choral concert at the catholic church and 3) this intimate little concert at the pizza place (Weird I know -but you get used to it here. Music happens wherever it happens...not always at the "hip new club in town") Right now music is a Bach cello suite on marimba drifting through the house...

Anyway, a Friday night in Alamosa is all it takes to remind me what happiness is all about...good friends, new friends, familiar faces wherever you go, great music...and you know, "you just can't do it all...."

Friday, February 15, 2008

Live by the Sun...Take One

Is my life interesting enough to merit a blog? I am not sure yet....the jury is still out...